Alena Tiberia, B.A., RSSW Registered Social Service Worker

Individual and Family Counsellor, Founder of Be Free

Alena is an Individual and Family Counsellor, dedicated to ensuring that her client's needs are met, with the utmost diligence and professionalism.

Founder of Be Free Counselling and Wellness, Alena has established the bases of her practice in making sure each individual is provided with the highest quality of counselling services and respect. Her passion is hoping each individual feels safe and welcome, in a non-judgmental, positive and supportive environment.

Alena is registered and in good standings with the Ontario Collage of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, as well as registered and in good standings with the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors Psychometrists and Psychotherapists.

Alena’s approach to working with clients is authentic and individualized, establishing unique and client-centered therapeutic plans for each individual. Alena believes, that by building a strong and positive professional relationship, through trust and respect, clients are given the opportunity to be themselves and work towards their goals, in a healthy and supportive manner.

With a focus in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Strength Based Therapy, it is Alena’s goal to ensure clients gain a better understanding of the situations and challenges they may face. By doing so, clients have the ability to learn and implement positive coping strategies, to encourage long-term growth.

“It can sometimes be scary, when speaking with someone new while identifying areas of uncertainty in one’s life. It is my goal to make sure every individual feels safe, welcome and most importantly heard!”

All individuals are unique and experience different challenges throughout life and therefore, the therapeutic journey for every client will be different and client-centred.

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