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How do I know what type of counselling setting is best for me?

At Be Free Counselling & Wellness, one of the most important things we try to accomplish, is ensuring all individuals feel safe, comfortable and heard. Sometimes distance, scheduling conflicts and/or lack of transportation can make accessing counselling difficult and therefore cause feelings of discouragement or disappointment.

By offering different counselling options, individuals have the ability to start their journey as conveniently as possible, without adding additional stress. Counselling services are voluntary and can be switched at anytime to meet your needs.

Please review our counselling options, to find the option you feel most comfortable with.

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Specialized Focuses

Counselling can be a unique process for all individuals and can sometimes feel challenging and overwhelming. During your first initial session, your counsellor will help support you in identifying the areas you would like to focus on and work with you on developing your own individualized therapeutic plan.

At Be Free Counselling & Wellness we provide support to help with:


Are you waking up feeling like your day just isn’t right? Are you struggling with monitoring your emotions and noticing things that once used to make you smile, no longer do?


Do you ever feel like your heart is going to beat right out of your chest? Do your hands sometimes get sweaty when you don’t know what to expect? Do you avoid large crowds and unknown environments, because you feel overwhelmed and nervous?

Self-Esteem/ Confidence Building

Do you feel like everyone is staring at you, judging you for the way you look, or dress? Do you feel confused about your journey and what you feel should happen next? Do you avoid school or social situations because of the fear of the unknown?

Stress Management

Are the pressures of school overwhelming? Are you struggling with time management? Are you having difficulties falling asleep, because you keep thinking of everything you should be doing?

Family Dynamic

Are you feeling unsure of how to tell your parents how you're feeling? Are you looking for a safe and comfortable way, to approach a family situation that has caused tension and frustration? Are you looking for support in establishing, positive dialogue, within the family household?


At Be Free Counselling & Wellness we try our best to accommodate all individuals. All counselling fees are based on multiple factors and can be discussed during your initial phone consultation.

We try our best to accommodate all forms of payment, ensuring that we find a payment plan that works best for our clients.

Session lengths can be extended at the request of the client, along with the discretion of your counsellor.

Investments are based on 50-minute counselling sessions. Please contact us for more information.


Services at Be Free Counselling & Wellness are covered by most extended health care insurance providers. The amount of coverage depends on your corresponding insurance provider and can be reimbursed partially or in full. Please contact your benefits provider to verify coverage.

Payment is due at each session. Once payment is received, a receipt will be issued for you to claim through your insurance provider.

Our services are not covered under OHIP regulations; however, services may be considered a medical expense tax credit by Revenue Canada. Any fees that are not covered by your benefits, may be claimed upon your income tax return.

Cancellation Policy

Be Free Counselling & Wellness, require at least 48 hours notice for appointment cancellations. Sessions cancelled less than 48 hours in advance, and no shows, are subject to the full fee being charged.  To notify us of a cancellation, please phone our office at 289.585.9983 or email us at: reception@befreecounselling.ca Please note that we do not accept or receive text messages.

Cancellation charges will not be applied to inclement weather and driving conditions.